Announcing... Wealth Esteem!

The art of financial flourishing

We are so excited to introduce you to…..

We think finance should be approachable, empowering, and fun. We searched high & low for an offering that would do just that, and couldn’t find one, so we built it ourselves.

👊 Personalized, 1:1, approachable. No bots, algorithms, or blue button-downs.

🤘 Low fees. We want you to keep your money, so we rock with flat fees, some of the lowest in the industry, we think.

🙌 Emphasis on education you actually want to digest.

Education that puts the fun in finance

  • Videos that break down the fancy financial jabber into easy-to-understand analogies (a mutual fund? It’s like a pizza).

  • Checklists & cheat sheets to offer you shortcuts to financial rockstar status (think: 401K allocation ideas)

  • Posts that bring timely topics to light (think: inflation)

  • Office hours with expert life + money + investment guides

  • Expert webinars for full financial flourishing

✨A financial planning process that is personalized and all about YOU

With guidance from 3 experts on life + money + investing:

  • create YOUR life vision in the 4 quadrants of human flourishing: health, relationships, work, play

  • explore wealthy habits that align saving & spending with YOUR values

  • build a purposeful investment strategy designed to fuel YOUR joyride and your end game

Actively managed investment models. As the world changes, so do investment opportunities. We intend to skate where the puck is going.

How do you boost your wealth esteem, you may be asking? Easy, just pick your potion:

1 | Follow us on Instagram + LinkedIn. We’ve got a calendar packed full of fun financial tidbits

2 | Join a 30-minute Wealth Esteem session. We will give you the full overview with tips & tools for you to DIY your Wealth Esteem!

3 | Schedule a FREE consultation to see if our 1:1 journey is right for you

4| Did W✨E have you at “hello”? Join the waitlist! Due to the high touch, personalized approach, we have extremely limited capacity, but your wealth is worth the wait

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To your W✨Ealth!

Frank & Dana